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Photo Blending

Photo Blending: Creating a Whole New Look.

Photo Blending – What Does That Mean?


   Ever see a photo where you know it's not real but it looks real? Well, when people talk about “photoshopping” something, they generally mean photo blending or photo manipulation of some kind.


   Whether it be giving someone the perfect body, cleaning up a little acne on the face, making someone lose 20 pounds or blending two or more photos together that obviously don't go together (like the dolphin in the pool!); good photo blending makes them look down-right believable!


   It definitely is an art that takes practice; and whether you use the actual Photoshop software (which is quite expensive) or some good, free image manipulation software like Gimp, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to make some cool and funny photos!


Photo Blending Costs: $40.00/hr


   Due to the fact that every photo blending job is completely different than the next, Eye Candy Graphic Design cannot put a fixed price on this aspect of our services. So just contact us! Tell us what you’d like done and we’ll give you an estimate of how long the job should take. The more complex the project, the higher the cost will be of course, but we can promise you that it still will be affordable!


   Take a look at our gallery below and be sure to check out the Photo Restoration page and the rest of our menu!



Make images look 3D and POP off the page!

Make fun pictures by adding text and images that don't really belong!

Just get creative!

(She isn't really painting that picture!)


Please feel free to take a look at our whole portfolio of photo blending and manipulation and contact us for your next project!

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