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Animated GIF Images Are...



Animated GIF Images: Eye Catchers!


   If you are wanting to catch someone’s eye quickly, then animated GIF images and banners are the way to go.


   They can flash text or have a character or object move across the banner!


Animated GIF Costs:


   EyeCandy Graphic Design understands the budgets of entrepreneurs and internet marketers who are just starting their business. That’s why we keep the cost as low as possible with all our banners, buttons, photo-blends and anything else you might need on your site.


   Animated GIF images are no exception.


Basic Animated GIF: $59.99


   If you have the text, the images or video and a comprehensive idea of what you want to move or flash, we can design your animated banner for one of the lowest prices you’ll find on the Internet.


Complex Animated GIF: $40.00/hr.


   If you are not quite sure what you want and would like us to design the banner for you from scratch, then we will work with you, by setting up a free consultation and talk to you; discussing your need and then design a beautiful animated banner for you.


   If you ever have any questions, whether it's to help you decide on or design an animated GIF image, or about any of our other banners and services, you can always feel free to contact us and set up a phone or Skype consultation at no cost.  We are here to help you and your site or page succeed.



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