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3D - Text & Images "Jumping" Off the Page!

   We frequently get a request that sounds a lot like, "We'd like something that will jump off the page!" Well, a three-dimensional image or text does virtually  that!

3D Pricing:

   There's a difference in something that looks "3D" and an image that has been rendered with a 3D engine.


   Some of our click buttons have a 3-dimensional look to them because they have the appearance of depth, but they aren't truly 3D.


   A true 3D image will look like it has height, width and depth and the whole process of creating and rendering a static 3D image takes a lot of time. An animated image takes even longer. So unfortunately, we cannot offer a "basic" and "complex" pricing plan like we do with our other services.


   Static & animated 3D images are $40.00/hr.


With a static 3D image, you will receive the image in the jpg and png formats.


   An animated 3D image, like the one in the video above, takes about 5 hours to create; thus costing about $200.00. You will receive this file in three video formats: avi, mp4 and ogv to insure playability across all browsers.


   For more information on if we can create a textual 3D image for you, please contact us and we will advise you on whether you are wanting true 3D or if you can use a less expensive alternative.

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